You might think you’re lazy, but you’re probably not as lazy as these people. They will make you feel like you’re the most productive person on the planet and you’re getting all sorts of shit done in your life!
Walking The Dog
Just because your dog should walk doesn’t mean you have to as well, right? Sitting in your car is just so much more comfortable.

Mowing The Lawn
You’re too lazy to push around a lawnmower, but you’re too broke to afford a riding lawnmower or one of those robots that can cut your grass? Well, rig up something like this and enjoy that sunny afternoon. Just don’t let it cut your feet off or something.

If you’re not clever enough for that setup, just do what this guy does. Bonus: It wastes more than twice as much gas!

Long Straw
If you have to construct the longest straw in the history of the world to not have to hold your drink, you do it!

Caution: Nap Time
Sometimes you just need a nap and traffic cones will keep you safe when you’re sleeping in the middle of the road at work.

Shopping Carts
Put them back where they belong? No, that’s too far! I have to get home to do nothing.

Waiting In Line
It’s gonna be a while until you get your delicious burger, fries and coke? Better have a seat!

A Brand New Chair
The box is also a chair apparently.

Getting Gas
You get out of your car to get gas? What’s wrong with you? It’s way more comfortable inside your car.

Christmas Lights
Just take credit for your neighbor’s hard work like this.

Taking Out The Trash
Hey, you don’t know their story! That driveway might be miles long.

Lazy Dog
It looks like this woman has taught her dog how to be lazy too. Great job, lady!

You might be too busy around Halloween to carve a pumpkin. Just do this instead.

At least they gave a good tip though. You have to give them credit for that.

Eating On The Couch
Shoveling food into your face using your hands can be difficult. Rig up a system like this to make it more efficient.

If you still feel lazy, you probably are. Sorry!