If you currently, or even in the future, need a gift for a woman, you’ve come to the right place for some great gift ideas specifically for women.
These ideas were rigorously brainstormed by women to ensure we’d have a bosslike list to share with you in this helpful article.
1. iPad

If you have some $$$ to throw around, the Apple iPad is a terrific choice. While you could be getting similar performance out of a cheaper alternative tablet, the Apple iPad shows her you also care about aesthetics and the beauty of design (even if you don’t). Go with the iPad Mini, if you want bonus points for originality. It’s so cute!
2. Nest Thermostat

Like magic, a Nest Learning Thermostat will remember the temperatures you like at certain times of the day and adjust accordingly.
3. Wireless Mini Speakers

There are a variety of wireless mini speakers available to choose from. A lot of them are pretty good quality with today’s bosslike wireless technology. The ones pictured above are the Jawbone Jambox mini wireless speakers. They’ll fit into her back pocket, if need be.
4. Spa Treatment

Hook her up with a day at a spa. The women you love in your life deserve to be pampered once in a while with facials, massages, and other spa treatments we don’t even know about!
5. Jewelry

This one can be tricky, unless you know her extremely well or are a top level detective. If you nail the right type of jewelry for her though, you’ve achieved ultra boss status!
6. Lotion

As above, you need to know what she likes to make this one work for you, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what types of lotion she generally likes to use.
7. Nice Bottle of Wine

Don’t buy this for her, if she’s an alcoholic! Other than that, most women enjoy a nice glass of wine (or an entire bottle).
8. Book

It’s likely you’ll have to do some research for this one as well, but if you buy her a book that she ends up enjoying you’ll touch her soul deeply like a boss.
9. Framed Photos

This is a very personal gift as well. Frame some pictures of you and her together and give the framed photos to her as a gift. It’s a very thoughtful gift to say the least.
10. Homemade Baked Goods

Bake her something yourself, wrap it up nicely and give her a card with the gift. The main investment will be your time, which makes this gift extremely meaningful and also means it’s inexpensive. If you’re terrible at baking, have someone else help you. You don’t want to make her sick!
We hope this article helped spark some great gift ideas of your own, but you can always just go with exactly what we shared here. Remember that making the gift personal can often make it far more meaningful to women than an expensive gift.