The places you’re going to read about here are ranked number one at something you’ve probably wondered about before, unless you’re a mindless drone! Always remember: If you’re not first, you’re last!
Hottest Place On Earth: Death Valley, California, USA
On July 10th, 1913, the hottest air temperature ever recorded on Earth was 134°F (56.7°C) in Death Valley’s Furnace Creek. That makes Death Valley the hottest place on the planet.

Coldest Place In The World: East Antarctic Plateau
High latitudes and high elevation, combined with long winters without sun, turn this into the coldest place in the world. In 2010, a temperature of -135.8°F (-93.2°C) was recorded here!

The World’s Least Populated City: Vatican City
Located within the city of Rome, Italy with a population of about 800 people, Vatican City is the smallest city and country in the world at the same time and also the least populated!

The World’s Most Populated City: Shanghai, China
This one probably doesn’t blow your mind as much as Vatican City, but it’s still impressive that a city has 24.2 million people living in it!

Richest City In The World: Tokyo, Japan
With a GDP of $1,520 billion, Tokyo is the wealthiest city in the world and home to over 13 million people. #2 went to NYC with a GDP of $1,210 billion!

The poorest city in the world is Kinshasa in the Republic of the Congo, where many people live on $1 or less per day.
If you’re looking for the most expensive city to live in, it’s actually Singapore, where a Toyota Prius will cost you about $150k! Tokyo is the 2nd most expensive city to live in. Mumbai, India is the cheapest!
Highest Mountain: Mount Everest
At an elevation of 29,029ft (8,848m), Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth. Many people have died trying to climb it and some have accomplished the seemingly impossible feat!

Driest Place On Earth: Atacama Desert
This dry-ass desert in South America stretches through the countries of Chile, Peru, Bolvia and Argentina. It gets about 4 inches of rain every THOUSAND YEARS. You didn’t read that wrong… every 1,000 years. Somewhere in Chile, the desert even gives you a high five with a massive hand sculpture!

Country That Eats The Most: USA
Each person in the United States eats an average of 3,770 calories per day! What?! Enjoy your diabeetus and heart disease, ‘Merica!

The Most Popular Country: Germany
According to the annual BBC World Country Rating Poll, Germany is the most popular country. It managed to rake in a 59% positivity rating!

#1 Most Visited City: London, England
Each year, the city of London hosts about 18.7 million international visitors!

The Drunkest Country: Belarus
On average, every person over 15 years old in Belarus drinks about 4.6 gallons of alcohol every year, making it the drunkest place on Earth!

Most Energy Efficient City: Reykjavik, Iceland
All of their energy and heat comes from geothermal plants and renewable hydropower. They want to be completely independent from fossil fuels by 2050 and have already started using city buses that run on hydrogen!

Most Sexually Satisfied Country: Switzerland
They have very liberal views on pornography and prostitution, which has led them to rate their sex lives as “excellent”! They also have the lowest teen birth rates. Go figure!

Meanwhile in Japan, 45% of women hate having sex. The extremely conservative way of life has led to only 15% of people in Japan being sexually satisfied.
Least Stressed-Out Country: Norway
No way you’re gonna get stressed out in Norway. Even their prisons are like five star resorts! If you want to chill out like a boss, go to Norway. (Fair warning: Prepare your wallet for rape.)