Postponed his own wedding to help children


A Brooklyn basketball coach startet a after school program, and ended up postponding his own wedding to help children and make sure they had what they needed.

Lenair, also called Dinero works as a basketball coach and has been running an after-school program for children. The Program helps kids in the classroom and on the court, resulting in numerous students getting a college education. When he visited the Ellen show, we got to know his story, and he got a nice surprise from Ellen herself. The coach was so invested in making a difference, that he even postponed his own wedding to help children in his community. Luckily his bride was as kind and generous as him.

When Lenair was three years old, his mother adopted him. At school people where making fun of him and made him feel abandoned because of his situation. Now he wants to help kids, so they get the help they need and never feel abandoned. “If every school had a Dinero that would make a huge difference in every kids life” Ellen said. The after school program was gifted $20,000

Watch the video and feel inspired. Because we do!

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