Whether you believe in miracles or not, this story is one of those that might convince you to if you currently don’t!
Liz Mitchell is 32 years old and lives in Waco, Texas. In 2012, she fell off her 16ft balcony while playing with her dog. The fall paralyzed her as she dropped on her head. She was put into a medically-induced coma for five days and declared quadriplegic by doctors.
Unwilling to accept that she would never walk again, she tried to do everything in her power to regain feeling in her legs. Always by her side was her then boyfriend (now husband) Bryan Mitchell, who encouraged her every step of the way (literally at times) and even moved into the rehabilitation center with his beloved Liz.
The recovery process was long and hard. Never easy. It started with Liz having to wiggle her toes, then movement in her legs. She went from swimming to riding a stationary bike and then a treadmill. Eventually, after working relentlessly to beat her paralysis, Liz was able to walk on her own again. That’s right, a quadriplegic woman walks again thanksĀ to hard work and endless motivation. Anything is possible.
To Liz, her body still feels completely “asleep”. She is unable to feel pain or heat from the neck down, but she can walk! She even walked down the aisle to marry Bryan on the day of their wedding.
Oh, and did I mention Liz is now pregnant with their child? She even felt the baby kick! As Liz puts it, “It seems like a dream, but I’m ready.” A dream indeed.