Allan Law is known as The Sandwich Man on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Every night, he delivers over 1,500 sandwiches to homeless people in need. He has been doing it for years and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. His passion to help others began when he was still a school teacher, always trying to help underprivileged children at the schools where he worked.
After retiring, he started handing out sandwiches every night until he was almost financially ruined himself. That’s when he decided to start his own nonprofit organization called Minneapolis Recreation Development (MRD) to continue to help homeless people, while avoiding homelessness himself.

He works 18 hours per day to help others and a lot of that is at night, when other services for homeless people are closed. His nonprofit MRD runs three programs:
1. Youth Builder
This one helps kids by providing them with something constructive to do after school and also important supplies like clothes, books, backpacks and money for field trips.
2. Samaritans Outreach
With this program, Allan Law tries to help homeless people with things like coats, hats, boots and socks during cold weather. It also aims to provide them with programs to battle addiction, find housing for them, get them jobs, and also health care.
3. 363 Food
This is why they call him The Sandwich Man. Every night, they provide sandwiches to the homeless. It’s called 363 Food, because on Thanksgiving and Christmas there are many programs to help the homeless, but the remaining 363 days of the year they are left to fend for themselves at night. This program tries to bridge that massive gap.
Last year alone, Allan Law handed out over 520,000 sandwiches to homeless people in Minneapolis while driving around the city every night in his minivan! What a boss.