She had tried to find her biological dad for years, and suddenly she sees his name on Facebook, as a suggested friend.

Karen Harris was adopted 56 years ago. Her birthparents were teenagers and not married. She managed to find her birthmother years ago, but could not manage to find her biological dad. At least, not until Facebook intervened.

One day like most of us, Karen scrolled through Facebook. Suddenly she saw a familiar name; Trevor Sinden. After years of researching, she knew it was her biological fathers name, so she clicked on his profile. She watched his pictures and posts and just felt it was him. Then she made contact.

Trevor turned out to be the one she had been looking for. He said. On the other side, Karen turned out to be the one Trevor had been looking for. “I have looked on the internet, but could never find her.” After weeks with chatting, they finally met. It was an emotional meeting.

Her upbringing had been good, but she didn’t had the feeling of belonging. Now, she have someone that looks like her, that she sees herself in. All thanks to Facebook.

Someone stole a depressed cow’s therapy goat, but police saved the day.