Cursing is usually a part of adult life, but how do you know you’re swearing too much? Here are a few signs you may be cursing too much.
Your Kids Swear
If you have children under the age of 10 and you’ve heard them cuss more than a couple times, it’s safe to say you’re a potty mouth yourself.

People Don’t Bring Kids Around You
If you have friends with children and you’ve never met these little rascals, then it could be because you swear too much and they don’t want their kids picking up your bad habits. Or maybe they think you’re a bad influence altogether. If it’s not your cussing, it’s likely something even worse! It should worry you most, if you have kids and people still don’t bring their kids around you.

People Regularly Tell You To “Tone It Down”
If you have been asked to curse less more than a few times in your life, it’s very likely that you’re swearing like a sailor.

You Live In The Blue States
And no, we don’t mean democratic states. The map below shows where people use the most profanity.

You’re A Sailor
If you’re in the Navy, swear as much as you want. Thank you for your service!

You’re Gordon Ramsay
If you’re chef Gordon Ramsay, it’s not just a sign. You definitely swear too much!

The Swear Jar Is Funded Primarily By You
If you have to put money in the swear jar, either at the office or at home, regularly… well, how do we put this mildly? You swear too f###ing much!

You’ve Been Asked To Leave Places Due To Your Language
If you’ve managed to sling around enough profanity in restaurants and similar establishments to get kicked out, it’s very likely you have a terrible gutter mouth!

So now you know whether or not you’re swearing like a sailor. Luckily for those of us dishing out way too much bad language, there is also an upside to swearing. It’s healthy! A study showed that swearing regularly can help reduce stress and make emotionally difficult or painful situations more manageable. It serves as an emotional outlet and can lead to a longer, healthier life… as long as it doesn’t ruin your life because you’re a complete potty mouth!