Should you be getting engaged to be married? Probably not, if you’re asking yourself that. Here are some signs that you’re not ready!
1. You’re Essentially Dating Netflix
If you spend your evenings watching Netflix until you pass out in a pile of potato chips, you’re not ready for marriage young grasshopper!

2. What Are You Having For Dinner?
If you can’t answer that question… you guessed it! You’re not ready.

3. No Plus One For Weddings
You’re invited to a wedding and can’t find a date? And you want to get married?!

4. You Send Drunk Texts To Your Mom
Instead of your hookup, you have to send drunk texts to your mom because she’s the only woman in your life right now.

5. You Feel Terrible For Engaged Friends
When you see someone got engaged on Facebook, a feeling of fear for them and yourself overcomes you.

6. You Think Wedding Pictures Are Annoying
If you hate them so much, maybe you shouldn’t take any of your own yet.

7. When You See Wedding Gowns, You Don’t See Yourself In Them
This is a dead giveaway that you aren’t prepared (yet).

8. Ever Check Out A Bridal Magazine?
If not, maybe you don’t need to get engaged yet.

9. Not In Your Budget
Having trouble covering your weekend bar tab? Then it’s not time to plan a wedding!

10. When You See A Diamond Ring, You Think About How Much You’d Sell It For…
You know… to pay off student loans or buy drugs. We don’t judge.

11. You Lose Socks Doing Laundry
How can anyone ever trust you with their heart?

12. You Dread The “So, Are You Seeing Anyone?” Conversation
At family gatherings, THIS is the conversation you absolutely want to avoid.

13. You Don’t Associate A Perfect Romance Or Love Life With Marriage
Then we have an extremely simple solution for you: Don’t get married!

We hope this helps. Think twice before you get married, because it should ideally be a lifetime commitment.