The kickass people at National Geographic had a photo contest. It’s NatGeo, so you know they got some boss submissions! Enjoy!
1st Place: “The Independence Day”
It looks like an everyday picture taken in Colorado, aside from the badass cloud formation that resembles a UFO full of crazed aliens about to suck the entire Earth up and enslave all humans. Other than that though… just a normal pic! These storm chasers have outdone themselves.

2nd Place: Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, Israel
This is a picture of teenagers getting married in the ultra-Orthodox district called Mea Shearim in Jerusalem. It is a powerful image that depicts a situation that might be a first date in other places judging by the teens’ faces, but in this setting it’s a lifelong commitment instead.

3rd Place: Diver in Magic Kingdom
When the snow melts in Tragöss, Austria, the resulting water raises the local Green Lake by about 10 meters (approximately 33 feet). Trees, parks and hiking trails are submerged in water by this natural phenomenon that lasts only a few weeks each spring. For divers, it’s a magical kingdom to explore and it has been captured with this terrific underwater photograph.

Viewer’s Choice Winner: Among the Giants
A trip to Sequoia National Forest and the Trail of 100 Giants provided the opportunity to capture this amazing photograph of a little girl surrounded by some very tall trees. No wonder it grabbed the viewer’s choice award!

Merit Prize Winners
While the following photos didn’t make it into the top three, they are still of excellent quality and definitely worth mentioning!
A young monk in Old Bagan, Burma was able to find the perfect light source to read his book like a boss.

On February 1st, 2014, Mt. Tungurahua erupted in Ecuador. This picture was taken right as it was happening with a man on the “end of the world” swing in Banos. Moments later, the people involved with taking the picture had to evacuate as an ash cloud of doom came right at them from the volcano!

Taken atop the largest dune in the Tadrat region of the Sahara desert, this photo shows a Tuareg guide named Moussa Macher getting some well-deserved rest. While he rested, the rest of the group finished their 45-minute struggle to the top of this dune. It only takes about 10 minutes to tumble back down though!

The next photo is called “Divine Makeover” and features a little girl painted in devotion to Angalamman, a commonly worshipped deity and guardian for the people in southern India. It was captured during the Mayana Soora Thiruvizha festival by a boss photographer named Mahesh Balasubramanian.

Photographer Susie Stern encountered four beautiful women rocking vintage dresses while exploring Burough Market in London, England. As the women enjoyed a special day, they indulged in ice cream and a local shopkeeper looks on in the photo. What an amazing photograph.

Somewhere there is a foggy small town with a castle. This is it.

How about a boss horse chillin’ after running all day?

Which picture is your personal favorite?!