Starbucks and Arizona State University are teaming up to make getting a college education for Starbucks employees way more affordable!

The online program of Arizona State will be offered at a discounted rate to Starbucks employees, who will not be required to continue working for Starbucks just because they took advantage of this discount.
A two year degree from Arizona State usually costs around $20,000 total and the special Starbucks employee discount will knock $6,500 off of that tuition. This leaves the student with $13,500 to cover with grants, student loans, or out-of-pocket.

It’s a really bosslike step for Starbucks. They will improve the quality of their workers and enable them to have a great future with a college education available to them. It also benefits Arizona State’s online program by providing it with more students to educate!
The tuition program previously put in place by Starbucks only gave employees up to $1,000 in tuition money for a limited number of schools. This new setup with Arizona State University is a huge step in the right direction and we’re sure many Starbucks employees will take advantage of this amazing new tuition program being offered to them.
For Starbucks employees who have already started their college education (which is the majority of Starbucks workers), the program will also allow them to potentially finish off their degrees at no extra cost to them like a boss.
We think this is a bosslike move from Starbucks. Go get a cup of coffee to help them pay all these college tuition bills!