The statistics that follow were collected over the past several decades and show positive trends in how the United States is always thriving to improve and develop into a better country.
Cancer Survival Rates Have Improved
Back in 1975, the survival rate for people diagnosed with cancer was only 50%. Today, it’s up to 68% and continues to rise! This is a very positive development thanks to medical advances and the great American physicians researching to fight cancer like a boss.

% of High School Kids Smoking Has Decreased
With a peak of 36% of high school students smoking in 1997, that percentage is under 16% today. That’s less than half of the high school kids exposing themselves to the dangers of smoking! Kids are more aware of the catastrophic health issues caused by smoking and choose not to do it. That’s bosslike!

More Americans Are Recycling
Back in 1980, only 10% of American trash was recycled. In an extremely positive trend, that percentage has more than tripled since then to 33%! A third of all garbage in the United States is now being recycled and that number continues to improve.

Teen Pregnancy Rates At An All-Time Low
In 1991, teen pregnancies peaked with 62 out of every 1,000 teen girls getting pregnant. Since then, there has been a lot of positive development in this area and the rate has dropped by 44%! Today, 34 out of 1,000 teen females get pregnant. Maybe we should be thanking that MTV show ‘Teen Mom’ for this? They showed how bad it sucks to be a pregnant teen and then a teenage mom after you pop the baby out. Stay safe, young ladies.

Teenage Abortions Have Also Dropped
Since abortion was legalized, the current rate of 15 abortions per 1,000 teens is the lowest ever. To give you an idea of how bad it has been, the peak of teenage abortions was in 1988 with a staggering 44 out of 1,000 teen girls getting abortions. To put that as a percentage, the teenage abortion rate has dropped 66% since 1988! That’s insane in a good way.

Drinking Water Is Clean!
Over 92% of drinking water in the United States is clean and safe to drink. In 1993, that number was a good bit lower with just 79%. While the goal should be 100% of course, a 13% improvement is a pretty positive trend! Drink water like a boss, it’s good for you!

With much of the media focusing on the negative developments in the world, we like to take the time to shed some light on positive developments here at Like A Boss. We hope these statistics are uplifting and restore your faith in humanity. There are a ton of great things going on out there!