18yo Courtney Barich from Canada just graduated high school, but that’s not why she’s a boss.
Nope! She’s a boss because she wore a burlap sack to her graduation dance instead of a $700 dress her parents were ready to purchase for her. Why did she do this?

Well, Courtney and her friends went to the Philippines this past spring and helped build an orphanage there. She came back, finished high school and was preparing for her special graduation dance, for which many girls purchase extravagant dresses. Courtney said, “I was about to buy a dress, and I thought I had it picked it out.”
She already had a $700 dress selected, when she decided that the money could go toward something more meaningful. Jokingly, her mom told her that she would look good even if she wore a potato sack!
Courtney took it literally and bought a $3 burlap sack. A student designer at the Vancouver Art Institute turned it into a bosslike graduation dress for her. It’s a very beautiful dress, especially considering it only cost Courtney three bucks!

Then Courtney went into full boss mode. She decided to make it known that she’d be wearing a burlap sack to her graduation dance and proceeded to set a goal to raise $10,000 for the orphanage in the Philippines that she helped build! While she didn’t quite reach her goal yet and the dance already happened, she’s at $7,500 and you can still donate at her web site here.
She will go back to the orphanage in September and has plans to fundraise for the project until then!

We know the children at the orphanage in the Philippines will be very thankful for Courtney’s unselfish, bosslike act of kindness and we are extremely proud of her for being such a boss. Congrats on graduating high school and helping make the world a better place, Courtney!