Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and everything has to be bosslike there. The city is renowned for incredibly tall skyscrapers, including the tallest in the world: The Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is also home to various man-made islands, enormous hotels and a variety of the largest malls in the world. While its economy was originally built on the oil industry, today Dubai gets most of it’s money from tourism, aviation, real estate and various financial services.
Now that you have some background information on Dubai and why you might want to visit it someday, if you’re a boss, let’s get to the crazy pictures the people of Dubai have produced just living their lives.
Just Some Cars
No big deal. Just a ton of luxury cars driving down the street.

Tennis Court in the Sky
We wonder how often they knock tennis balls off of this thing!

Helicopter Car Transport
Oh this? It’s nothing. Just a helicopter transporting a car!

Pet Cats
If you own a pet cat in Dubai, it better be something bosslike like a cheetah or a lion! Don’t even bother trying to show off your regular house cat there.

Horse Bike
If you want to arrive on your gloriously majestic steed in style, but you also want to get to your destination on time, you better purchase a motorcycle like this.

Police Cars
Police cars in Dubai are made by Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche. What?! Good luck getting away from these boss cars in a highspeed chase.

Camel Walk
When you take your camel for a walk in Dubai, you do so with your baller Benz SUV.

Gold ATM
In case you need some gold to go, just hit up the gold ATM and get yourself a gold bullion.

Pet Turtles
This guy likes to stack money and turtles!

Do You Like Snow?
If you like snow, but live in a place like Dubai where snow should never exist, you have to make your own snow, right?! That’s the boss thing to do afterall.

Now you know why we think Dubai is bosslike and maybe a little crazy. Just a little bit though.