A swiss company called Algordanza turns the cremated remains of people into man-made diamonds that are breathtakingly beautiful and provide a gorgeous item that will remind you of loved ones who passed away. You can cherish it forever!
First, the carbon (which is key) is extracted from the ashes. 18% of the human body is carbon, but cremated remains only contain 2%. Usually about 500 grams of ashes is enough to get a sufficent amount of carbon for a small diamond. (The average adult’s cremated remains weigh five times that much.) Next, the extracted carbon is heated to turn it into graphite. Finally, the graphite is subjected to temperatures of up to 2,700°F and pressures of up to 870,000 pounds per square inch, which compresses it into a diamond.
Each diamond, just like every person, is unique and the color of the diamond can range from white to dark blue. The deciding factor for what color the diamond will be is the amount of the element boron present in the cremated person’s ashes.
The last two pictures I’m posting are from a man who had his grandmother’s cremated remains turned into a diamond by Algordanza and then took her on a lovely trip across the United States in diamond form. Wow. What a beautiful story.
You can visit the Algordanza web site or their Facebook page for more information about the diamonds from people’s ashes. Prices for the man-made diamonds start at approximately $4,500.