In Erbil, Iraq, bombings are a real threat and 18-year-olds Eman Abdul-Razzaq Ibrahim and Dastan Othman Hassan have unfortunately experienced this firsthand.

Knowing that terrorist attacks with bombs are a real threat in the largest city of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the two high school girls decided to develop a bomb detection system.
Both have been affected by bombings, i.e. the twin bombing at the Interior Ministry, and know what it’s like to live in the shadow of an always-present terrorist threat. To help safeguard innocent people and make their region of Iraq safer, the two girls went on a mission to create an effective system to detect car bombs.
The school science fair, usually designated for environmental issues, is where they decided to present their bosslike invention.
The new system developed by the two 18yo high school girls works as follows: On virtually any street, two bomb detectors would be placed in trash cans next to the road and one would be attached to a street sign above the street. A speed bump would be placed at the spot, forcing cars to slow down while all three detectors scan them. The system would use existing bomb detectors developed by the Israeli company LDS to make it more cost-efficient, as opposed to developing brand new bomb detection devices.
After studying the physics of light, Eman and Dastan realized that night vision CCTV cameras could be used to report the image of a potential bomb threat car to security officials. Ultraviolet light from the detector lasers would make this possible!
Using their genius system, 64,000 cars could be checked for bombs per day! The current system, which requires each car to be stopped and checked individually by a bomb detection device or a sniffing dog and slows down traffic, would need over a year to check that many cars for bombs.
For their efforts, they won the top prize at their school’s science fair. They also won medals at the International Environment Sustainability Project Olympiad in The Hague, Netherlands.
The Dutch police and over 20 companies want to use the new bomb detection system, but the girls first want to make it available for free to their own government. They also turned down the trip to Brazil they won at the international competition, stating that it would interfere with their studies. And they covered all expenses for their project, as well as their trip to the Netherlands!
These two young engineers have a bright future ahead of them. They are selfless, bosslike and ambitious at the same time! We commend them for their positive impact on stopping terrorism and thank them for being so boss!
We’ll leave you with a quote from Eman herself, “The main point is to save people‚Äôs lives.”