We recently ran an article about Tesla Motors making their electric vehicle technology available to anyone, but they just won’t stop being bosslike… so we have to write another story about them!

This story is even more uplifting, because Tesla is now trying to hook up much-deserving United States military veterans with jobs. Tesla Motors currently employs 6,000 people. Of those 6k employees, 300 (or about 5%) are veterans. They want to increase this number further (it’s already pretty good), so 600 more U.S. military vets are in the Tesla hiring pipeline as potential candidates already.
Tesla is exploding. More people want electric cars, so they’re expanding their Model S (an electric luxury sedan) production and also preparing the launch of the Model X (an electric crossover SUV). Tesla Motors will be entering new markets overseas and will need more employees!

Tesla’s vice president of human resources Arnnon Geshuri praised United States military veterans, “Veterans are a great source of talent for Tesla, and we’re going after it.” He also said, “We want to be known throughout the veteran community as a great place to work.”
Military vets are a great addition to the Tesla work force, because they’re dependable and bring a lot of advanced technical, electrical and mechanical skills to the table, which they acquired in the military and are very beneficial for working in the development and production of sophisticated electric vehicles. The teamwork aspect of being in the military also carries over extremely well to the workplace at Tesla.
The company is on a mission, according to Tesla’s vice president of production Greg Reichow, “At Tesla we’re not just building cars. We’re trying to transform transportation.” Of the military veterans, he said, “They also know how to lead teams, focus teams and function on teams, and they have incredible integrity and discipline.” Tesla is heavily recruiting veterans and also desires to create a culture where veterans are supported and appreciated.

At Tesla, veterans wear exclusive t-shirts with the Tesla logo and the American flag like a boss. Veterans Day is a paid holiday at Tesla Motors and the company is extremely accomodating for veterans that are deployed again. They have a policy to hold jobs open for military personnel on deployment.
So if you’re a U.S. military veteran looking for a job, maybe the bosslike company of Tesla Motors is the right fit for you!