Tesla Motors – based out of Palo Alto, California, USA – sells awesome electric cars and their electric vehicle technology is unmatched. They built the first fully electric sports car with the Tesla Roadster like a boss.

Their second vehicle was the Model S, which is a fully electric luxury sedan anyone would want to own.

Both cars are bosslike to say the least and are helping solve the global carbon crisis the world is faced with. Tesla has many patents for its electric vehicle technology and used to proudly display them in their Palo Alto HQ.
However, realizing they will not be able to produce enough electric cars for the world, thus making it a better place for everyone, they have decided to take down the patents and allow any company to use their technology in good faith!
This is a boss move, especially in the automotive industry, which tends to be extremely competitive. We commend Tesla Motors for this bosslike move and look forward to the electric cars they will be making in the future like a boss. (And also electric cars from companies that will use their brilliant tech.)
You can read the full article about this extraordinary development in making electric vehicle technology available in open source fashion here. It was written by Tesla’s CEO himself. He titled the post “All Our Patent Are Belong To You”.

The company is named after electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla (pictured above), so the move is very much in line with the person the company gets their name from! He, too, was bold and a little crazy, but at the same time a genius!
Keep being bosslike, Tesla!