James Harrison is 77 years old and has saved over two million lives in his lifetime. I’ll tell you how in a sec, but first… the back story: When he was 14 years old, James Harrison had to undergo a chest surgery that saved his life. In the process, he required 13 liters (approximately 3.5 gallons) of donated blood. Seeing the good blood donations can do firsthand, he decided to begin donating immediately after he turned 18.

Then it happened. It was determined that Harrison carries an extremely rare antibody in his blood, which contains the cure for rhesus disease! (Rhesus disease can lead to hemolytic disease in newborns, which causes brain damage or death.)
To put it simply: James Harrison’s blood saves the lives of babies on a regular basis. So far, he’s been donating blood for 59 years and is responsible for saving the lives of 2.4 MILLION babies. He has donated blood over 1,000 times. With the threat of rhesus disease for some mothers, they need an anti-RhD immunoglobulin injection to save the lives of their babies. Harrison’s blood is PERFECT for creating a treatment. In fact, it’s so perfect that his life has been insured for $1 million by researchers in the field! It even ended up saving the life of his own daughter’s child.

For his amazing acts of kindness and selflessness, Harrison has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. It’s one of the greatest achievements a citizen in his home country of Australia can achieve for extraordinary service to the country.
At the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, James Harrison carried the Queen’s Baton. And did we mention he even donates blood when he’s on vacation?! Yeah, he’s that boss!

I will leave you with an awesome quote from James Harrison himself, “The people on the front line, the police, the emergency services, they’re the heroes because they’re out there doing it. I just catch the train down to Sydney from the Central Coast as often as I can, read a good book, donate and come back. An hour of your time is a lifetime for someone else.” That really puts things into perspective. How humble and uplifting!