The most rewarding job you could ever have is becoming a parent and taking care of your child(ren). It may be among the hardest jobs on the planet, but the payoff is worth it. The pay? Well, you’ll probably be the one paying out large sums over the years. The hours? 24/7/365.
So what do you really get out of being a good parent and raising a well-adjusted human being? Well, the sense of pride from doing this is unmatched with any other human endeavor, including rocket science! Being a parent is simply priceless and it is without an equal all around the world, so I wanted to share the following beautiful photographs of parents with their children from around the globe!
Baja California Sur, Mexico (That kitten is adorable too!)

Sydney, Australia


Montreal, Canada (I wanna go ice skating!)

São Paulo, Brazil

Harajuku, Japan (Daddy is making sure she can see!)

Berlin, Germany

British Columbia, Canada


Istanbul, Turkey

Chittagong, Bangladesh

London, England

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Kaolack, Senegal

San Francisco, United States of America

Louisiana, United States of America

Moscow, Russia

Paris, France

Tuscany, Italy (Mmm gelato!)

Montreux, Switzerland