Savannah Cashman Morgan (19) only has a few weeks to live due to Stage IV ovarian cancer. She has a 4-year-old daughter named Hannah, whom she wanted to take to Disney World before she dies to give the young girl something special to remember her mother by. The young mother said, “I want her to have something from me in the future when I’m not there so she doesn’t think I just abandoned her.”

After tossing up a GoFundMe page on September 8th to raise $10,000 for the Disney World trip, it only took a few days for the men at the Alphi Phi Alpha fraternity at Austin Peay State University to notice it and donate $1,500 to the dying mother. The frat president, Andrew Montgomery, said that the story hit home because he has friends with kids, so the group of young men wanted to help out! They hand-delivered the check for $1,500 to Savannah Morgan in the hospital. That’s boss.

After reaching the $10k goal, Savannah Morgan was delighted to have the chance to take her daughter to Disney World before she passes away. She wrote, “Wow!!!! We did it! $10,000!!!! Now we just need to get me out of the hospital so I can get down to Disney! Thank you to EVERYONE involved, no matter how big or how small! You have no idea how much this means to me and Hannah!”