Meet Timmy “Mini” Tyrrell. He’s 10 years old and the world’s youngest race car driver. He’s been racing go karts and stock cars since the age of 6, but that’s not what this article is about.
No, this article is about a friendship that led to something great that would change the lives of numerous people in a very positive way. At age 6, Mini’s friend Ella (shown with him below) was diagnosed with cancer. Mini soon learned that Ella’s father was struggling to pay her healthcare bills, so he made the decision to do something about that!

He started Mini’s Mission, which is a project to help raise money for pediatric cancer research. He figured the best way to beat healthcare bills was to help cure childhood cancer and that’s what Mini’s Mission is about. You can check out his Facebook page about it here.
Less than four years later, the youngest race car driver in the world has managed to raise over $250,000 for pediatric cancer research to try to find a cure that will defeat childhood cancer like Mini defeats opponents on the race track. Like a boss!

A fellow race car driver, whom you might know of, Jeff Gordon, was actually so impressed by what Mini is doing with Mini’s Mission that he hired him to work for the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation. The foundation utilizes funds from donations to help improve the lives of childhood cancer patients and also for medical research to cure pediatric cancer. As you can probably tell, the two charities line up rather well with each other! Below is a picture of Mini hanging out with Jeff Gordon!

The way Mini’s Mission raises funds is mostly via charity events that will rack up anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 per event. Often times, Jeff Gordon matches whatever Mini manages to raise, which just gives this ambitious youngster even more incentive!
Oh and his best friend Ella. Well, she’s been cured thanks in part to donations Mini managed to collect! Here is a picture of the two together more recently. Wow.

Is he done? No, of course not. Timmy “Mini” Tyrrell is a boss and will continue to kick the crap out of pediatric cancer until it has no chance but to give up. His plans include opening a children’s hospital that focuses on curing childhood cancer. He inspires people to donate for the cause through Mini’s Mission and also donates most of his winnings from races.