Rhys Darby had his arm in a cast, and suddenly his girlfriend went into labour. But this father handled it like a boss. A boss with one hand.

Rhys Darby and his girlfriend was expecting a baby girl when Rhys had an accident playing football with friends. It led to a trice broken thumb and a fancy cast. The hand was useless. And one night, his girlfriend went into labour, and the child wanted to get out fast.

The 28 year old Darby ran around the house. With one arm, he was calling the ambulance, fetching towels and supporting his girl, Jade Brown. The ambulance woman on the phone gave instructions as they were rushing to get to the house in time.

But the baby did not want to wait. She wanted to get out, now.

“I had the cast on one hand and a phone in the other—trying to deliver a baby!” recalled Darby.

“I bent down and stuck my hand out and the baby just came out. The ambulance arrived two minutes later and they cut the umbilical cord. I said: ‘It’s alright—I’ve done your job for you!’”

Like a boss.

Rhys Darby with his babygirl Ariana. Photo: SWNS

Rhys Darby with a well functioning hand and the baby he delivered by himself.

So even tho we all know Jade did the hardest part and was kicking ass giving birth on the couch – the one handed baby delivery is definitely a cool thing to have on the resume.

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