Let’s take a trip to eastern Europe they said. It’ll be fun they said. Why not go to the Czech Republic and go see the creepiest church on the planet? Yeah, why not?!

This is Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the Church of Bones, a cathedral in the Czech Republic (within a suburb of Kutna Hora called Sedlec) that looks pretty nice from the outside, but on the inside the story is much different. I will give you a fair warning: It’s called the Church of BONES for a reason.
Underneath this small church is an enormous mausoleum that is the final resting place of about 70,000 people who died during the Black Plague and in the Hussite Wars throughout the 14th and 15th centuries.
As they were packing in the bodies, they quickly ran out of space and a nearly blind Catholic monk was given the task to begin stacking the skeletons in 1511 to make room for more! The result was a horrifying stack of bones inside this relatively small chapel, but things didn’t end there…

In 1870, shit got real, when a woodcarver named František Rint was hired to put the bones in order. He used the bones as an artistic outlet and the result was macabre at best. Possibly the most eerie and ghoulish creation of his is the bone chandelier inside the church, which utilizes one of every bone in the human body. Grotesque.

So if you’re ever in the Czech Republic, go check out the Church of Bones. Supposedly it’s not haunted, but we’re not going to make any promises about that with 70,000 dead people’s bones arranged as artistic decorations and morbid furnishings inside. No wonder 200,000 people go visit the Sedlec Ossuary every year. I’d go! I mean it’d be creepy, but interesting to see as well.