In this busy holiday season, people tend to forget the almost invisible workers that make it all go around, the delivery people. But Katy Ouma of Middletown remembered, and made a deliveryman dance.

We somehow tend to forget how it is the small acts of kindness that make our hearts melt with happiness. But this holiday, Kathy Ouma made us all remember again after she captured on video how her act of kindness made the deliveryman dance.

It is no secret that the busiest time of the year for the delivery companies are during the holiday seasons. On top of that, more people discovers the joy and comfort in online shopping every year. To make it all go around we are all very dependent on the many delivery people that are putting in some extra effort. They kind of are making Christmas happen.

Kathy Ouma of Middletown wanted to appreciate their hard work and decided to make them a gift. She made basked with water, sodas and snacks together with a thank you note to surprise the many delivery people that was making her holiday shopping easy.

The security camera at her front porch captured a deliveryman from Amazon when he found the heartfelt surprise, and his respons truly makes us understand the importance of the small acts of kindness.

The video of the deliveryman dancing has now gone viral, and people all over the world are taking after Kathys example.

The Amazone drivers name is Karim Earl Reed III, and his very real and adorable reaction is melting our hearts and reminding us about what the holidays truly are all about.

We love how Kathy Ouma spread happiness to her deliveryman, and than to millions over the world after she posted the video. She acted like a boss.

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