#5. Elephant RV

This looks like the elephants from Lord of the Rings. This RV was brought to legendary burning man and was the subject of many photo’s, though it looks more like a palace than something one would actually move around and sleep in.


#4. Marchi Mobile eleMMent palazzo

This spaceship can be yours for only $3 million, but it’s worth it. The top has a balcony that can be extended and the side rolls out to give a full 80% extra interior space. If you’re going all out on a 2nd home, why not have it be this hog?


#3. Desert Challenger

It’s intimidating, I know. This 8×8 monster weighs a collosal 30 tons and gets an outstanding 5 miles to the gallon. It will be sure to keep you safe in your trip to Jurassic Park, if you have the $1.75 million to pay for it.


#2. Terrawind Amphibious Motor Coach

When global warming hits, i think you know which vessal you will want. starting at a suprising $850k this bad boy comes fully equipped with everything an RV needs, fridge, tv, bunk beds and a deck that folds out the back for fishing. and oh yeah, IT FLOATS ON FUCKING WATER


#1. “The Heat”

Owned by Will Smith, who gave the caravan it’s name, this RV is on the top of our list for many reasons. This 2-story home away from home features close to $200K in JUST granite countertops, and has a 30 person screening room upstairs with pistons lifting over 2000 lbs. of pressure. How much would you spend on this? because to rent this mini hotel costs around $9000 a week, to own will set you back $2.5 million. And you CANT possibly show up to set without one.