The main focus of LikeABoss is to provide mostly inspirational and motivational videos and to publish uplifting content that makes people feel all fuzzy inside. Here’s a recap of our top inspirational videos of this year. These videos were handpicked to activate your tear ducts, let the water works begin!

5. This weight lifter is truly like a boss! Even with his physical limitations, he pushes the limits and squats more than most body builders could. 

4. One of the most marvelous types of videos we see on LikeABoss is inspirational kids doing things for people out of the pureness of their hearts. This video is truly epic and kudos to this awesome girl! 

If this doesn’t make you tear up, then you might want to get your soul checked by a doctor, or shaman or something. This is a perfect example and true story of when things just come around full circle and conclude with a happy ending.

Wow, just wow! Some of you may already be familiar with “The Magic of Rahat” a popular youtuber that usually trolls people with magic tricks. Well, this time, Rahat does something just….heart lifting for a homeless man. At 2:10, a tear will shed, guaranteed.

It’s sad to realize how much poverty there is in this world and in many places even clean drinking water is a foreign concept. What is truly heartwarming about this video is to see people helping people with no personal benefit other than the satisfaction of helping their fellow man. Truly inspirational!