Nick is 27 years old and was born and raised as a girl named Nicole. He eventually decided that he identifies more with the male gender and now considers himself a man, even though he still has the reproductive system of a woman. Below are some pictures of him as a girl and then as the man Nick is today.

32-year-old Bianca was born and raised as a boy named Jason. She decided she was a woman and you can see some pictures of her below, both as a boy and then a woman.

The couple has a lot in common backstory-wise and seem to work well together as parents. Oh yeah, they have kids! Both still have their original female and male parts respectively, because they have been unable to afford surgery to change that fact. It might be a blessing in disguise, because now they have a family that looks very happy together!

We think it’s awesome they’re able to pull all this off with such confidence like a boss. We wish the couple and their children all the best!