Scarlett Lenh from Colorado Springs is a 16yo high school student in a conservative part of town. She was actually born a he, but began identifying as a transgender girl this school year. At Sand Creek High School, she was nominated to be the homecoming princess and ended up winning it thanks to the support of her peers who voted for her.
Most people at the school love Scarlett, while a few girls were upset about her winning the award. We think it’s boss that she’s so confident and that the majority of the student body at her high school has accepted her like this, especially considering that the school is in the same city as Focus on the Family and the National Association of Evangelicals!

She began seeing herself as a girl at age 7 and finally got up the courage to identify as a transgender girl publicly this school year. And the vast majority of students at Sand Creek High School accept her for who she is.
Congratulations on becoming the homecoming princess, Scarlett! Keep being boss. Here is a quote from Scarlett herself for some icing on this celebratory cake, “It was really exciting. It felt really good. I couldn’t stop smiling!”