Are you planning to travel this summer (or ever again)? These life hacks will make everything about your trip more efficent.
Booking Online?
If you’re booking online, make sure to use a private or incognito window. Travel sites will sometimes raise prices for returning visitors.
In Google Chrome, it’s easy to go incognito in a new window!

The top left of the new incognito browser window will show the incognito symbol!

Packing Clothes
Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save room in your luggage.

Stuff socks and underwear into shoes to save even more room.

To keep clothes that need to be folded from getting wrinkled, use tissue paper!

Line shirt collars with a rolled up belt to keep them looking stylish and bosslike.

And throw a dryer sheet or two into your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh!

What Else Are You Bringing?
If you need a good place to put your phone charger and headphones without getting the cables tangled, use a glasses case!

And put a spring from an old pen around your charger cable to prevent it from bending or breaking.

A pill container can be very useful to keep your jewelry untangled.

Make travel size portions of skin care products with straws. Don’t forget to label them!

If you’re bringing a razor, you can use a binder clip to protect the head of it! You don’t want to slice yourself up with bent razor blades.

Hair clips fit neatly into empty Tic Tac containers. Other small items might fit as well!

In Case You’re Flying
Some cool plane and airport tips might help you out. Instead of buying water after you get through security at the airport, just bring an empty bottle in your carry on luggage and fill that with water after passing the security checkpoint(s).

With two people traveling together, always book the aisle and window seat. It increases your chances of having the middle seat free. If someone does end up in the middle seat, just ask them to switch and you’ll still be able to sit next to each other.

Be Charitable
On your last day in a foreign country with currency you won’t be able to use at home, give your change to a homeless person like a boss!

Now you’re ready to travel like a boss this summer! Enjoy your trip(s)!