Most people have a few enemies, but why not take a few steps to turn them into friends? It will most likely decrease the amount of stress you have in your life and you’ll have more positivity in your life as a result. The following practical tips will help you turn an enemy into a friend.

The apology has to be sincere or it won’t make a huge difference. You need to say, “I am sorry.” This takes responsibility, as opposed to an apology like, “I am sorry, but…” You want to take your share of the blame and leave no doubts that you are genuinely apologetic.

Forgive your enemy for whatever they may have done to you. They might not trust the forgiveness at first, but if you stick to a general attitude of compassionate forgiveness, there will be peace instead of hostility eventually.
Focus on the Good

Find the good qualities your current enemy possesses and focus on them instead of whatever negative aspects there are to your relationship. Everyone has good qualities, you just need to locate them. Praise the person for their good qualities.
Do Not Gossip

Instead of engaging in gossip about the person, when the opportunity presents itself, speak well of them instead. This may be difficult at first, but the bad things you say about a person will get back to them and that’s no way to build a friendship. Always stay positive and praise your enemy. This step is crucial, so do not gossip.
Find Common Interests

Exploit shared interests (i.e. a sport or other hobby) to build a foundation for your new friendship. Invite the person to an event or game and get them to engage in the mutually enjoyed activity with you.

Always be the first to offer a helping hand to your enemy. Do not ignore their struggles, but instead aid them in solving their problems. Expressing sympathy and taking action to improve the life of your enemy can quickly turn them into a friend!

One of the most difficult ethical commands is to love your enemies. You should always strive for this in order to turn them into friends! It may seem impossible now, but the true nature of love does allow us to love people who were once our enemies. When you’ve taken the needed steps to build a friendship, love can develop. You just have to decide within your heart that you will love your enemy and it will be so! Treat them with sincere compassion on a daily basis.
We hope these tips will help you turn a current enemy into a friend like a boss. The process may take a while, but it’s well worth it to have a new friend!