The home upgrade ideas that follow are genius and bosslike. If that’s not something you’re into, what’s wrong with you?
Buy A Hot Tub
If you don’t have one of these sitting in your backyard, on your deck, balcony or terrace yet, why not? It’s relaxing as hell at night to sit in that bubbly, warm water and just chill.

If you don’t like people coming over, make yourself an outdoor bathtub for one like this.

Add A Platform To A Guest Bedroom
The platform can be used as storage while making the room look neat & tidy. It will also remain usable as a guest bedroom or an office.

For even more storage, get one of these beds with lots of storage space!

Use Stairs For Storage
Put a series of bookshelves under the stairs or just install some storage space for shoes and kidnapped children. One family even put a small office under there and another turned the space underneath the stairs into a dog house!

Add Another Dishwasher
If you throw a lot of parties, it definitely makes sense to have more than one dishwasher. You won’t have a bunch of dirty dishes still sitting out while the dishwasher is running for the first time. The ultimate solution to a very troubling 1st world problem.

Build A Bosslike Treehouse
If you’re remodeling anyhow and have some sturdy trees in your backyard, this might cost less than you would think! Who wouldn’t want a treehouse? For more crazy treehouse ideas, watch that ‘Treehouse Masters’ show on Animal Planet. That guy does some CRAZY ones.

Install A Multi-Directional Steam Shower
You’ve never felt so fresh and clean before!

Put In Vacuum Baseboards
Yes, they really do exist! Why aren’t we funding this?!

Install Accordion Glass Windows And/Or Doors
These will create a direct connection between the inside of your house and your backyard. Amazing on a nice day!

Get A Two-Sided Fireplace
If your bedroom and bathroom are next to each other, this is perfect!

We hope you like these home upgrades as much as we do. Next time you’re remodeling, consider some of these options.