Most of the time, wedding pictures are pretty standard. They tend to be high quality photographs you pay a ton of money for, but usually they aren’t as boss as the ones you’re about to see!
Weightless Wedding
Thanks to a specially-equipped Boeing 727 that is able to create a weightless experience, this lucky couple was able to get married in a zero gravity setting!

Rock Climbing
You don’t want to hang off a cliff for your wedding pictures? Fang Jing and her husband Zhao would ask you, “Why not?!”

Han Solo and Princess Leia
Avid Star Wars fans will appreciate this weirdly geeky way to use Star Wars costumes and lightsaber toys at a wedding.

99 Cent Wedding
We’re not really sure this is too boss per se, but it is very interesting. In 2009, the 99-cent store let some people get married for 99 cents to help them out during the recession. The couple looks happy and that’s all that matters!

Buddhist Temple Coffin Ceremony
Getting married in this pink coffin at a Buddhist temple in Thailand supposedly rids you of bad luck. Okay.

Doctor Who
A ton of cosplayers showed up in 2013 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” and also the weddings of 50 couples that love the show.

Window Cleaners
Jiang Dezhang and his beautiful bride Tie rappelled down a building during their wedding ceremony. They clean the exteriors of very tall buildings in China for a living, so this theme really worked for them.

Underwater Wedding
Do you enjoy diving as a couple? Why not get married underwater?! We’re pretty sure this is what underwater cameras were made for.

Meanwhile In Russia
Here is a newlywed Russian couple riding some crazy bikes in Gorky Park, Moscow.

Marriage In The Sky
On a platform 130 feet in the sky, people get married in the sky thanks to a Belgian company that operates in 25 countries. This one happened in 2008 at a former military base in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.

Goth Wedding
A goth couple decided to take some exciting wedding photos at a cemetery.

Robot Witness
A humanoid robot was a witness at this high-tech wedding.

Long Wedding Dress Trains
The train on the following wedding dress is pretty impressive with a length of 98 feet, but just wait…

Now this one… this one is BOSS. It’s 660 feet long and weighed in at 220lbs! The newlywed couple was photographed at a sunflower garden in Guangzhou, China.

Biker Wedding
This couple in Ukraine got in the wind to celebrate their wedding on motorcycles.

Scorpion Wedding
Those are real scorpions on her wedding dress and Kanjana Ketkaew holds a world record for staying in a cage with 3,400 scorpions for 32 days. 32 DAYS!

And did you notice the groom with the centipede? Well, he stayed in a cage with 1,000 centipedes for 28 days.
More Crazy Weddings
We think you can gather what these are all about. (Or not. Good luck!)