What happened to us? When did we turn into boring adults with a lacking imagination? Let’s take a look at how children view the world and get inspired a little bit!
To a normal adult, this might look like an ordinary classroom, but in the imagination of a young child this type of captivity is like prison!

The Bike
To you, this might look like a useless little toy, but for a 2-3yo this thing is ready for high speed street racing if you pedal fast enough!

While kissing may be a wonderful thing to you, in a child’s mind you may as well be smooching with a dirty pig.

Toy Soldiers
They may just look like pieces of plastic molded into soldiers to you, but to a kid with a vivid imagination this is like actually going into battle! If we could keep an imagination like this going into adulthood, we wouldn’t need actual wars.

Baseball Players
Your son just met his favorite baseball player. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be his favorite… he still sees that guy as Superman!

Cardboard Box
I mean this is just a cardboard box, right? Nope! If you’re an awesome kid, you can pretend it’s a fighter jet!

Peanut Butter Sandwich
If you just got done playing outside for hours and come in for a snack, there is nothing more awesome than a peanut butter sandwich!

Empty Roll
An empty cardboard roll for gift wrap or whatever. You’d probably toss it in the trash, if you didn’t have kids. To them, it’s a bosslike sword!

Going to see the doctor with your child? You may as well be taking them to get executed!

Those walls look nice, right? Nice and clean, neutral colors… but not for long. Children think walls are just another canvas to show off their amazing artistic talents!

Parents, your bed is a trampoline. You knew this though.

Chillin’ on the couch? It’s probably safe to go get a drink or snack whenever you want, right? Wrong. The floor is lava and must be avoided at all costs. Have fun hopping onto pieces of furniture without touching the floor until you somehow make it out of the living room!

Now you have some more insight into how children view the world around them. Maybe it will inspire you to be a little more playful yourself.