Some people talk about it, some have never heard of it, and some put candles on their head. What is going on? And what is Saint Lucy’s day?

Most people have heard about St. Patrick’s day, but have you heard about Saint Lucy’s day? The day, also known as the Lucia day, is an old tradition and are typically celebrated in Scandinavia and in Italy. So if you ever thought to yourself; “What is Saint Lucy’s day?” or just want to learn something new, please stay tuned.

It is one of the coldest and darkest days of the year, it is early, you are tired. Suddently you hear someone singing, and then, you see lights. A choir dressed in white walks in front of you. The frontrunner wears a crown made of candles. It is Lucia.

Saint Lucy was born in year 280, in Sicily Italy. She was a good woman who among other thing took care of the poor in her village. Some people didn’t like her belief’s and wanted her dead. After multiple murder attempts that didn’t work, she became a martyr – and later on the guardian angel of Sicily.

Every 13th of December, thousands of kids (and sometimes adults) dress up in white clothing. In their hands, they carry a candle and in their hair there is glitter and lights. They sing a beautiful song about St. Lucy, about how she carried the light into the darkness. After the most lovely experience you are served St. Lucia buns, with hot chocolate, coffee or maybe Christmas mulled wine.

Photo by Linnea Herner on Unsplash

So if you need an excuse to buy some buns, or feel the need to celebrate, the Saint Lucy’s day may be the answer.

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