In the sometimes rough world we live in, it takes some extraordinary people to make it a better place. The following kind souls are definitely that and will help restore your faith in humanity. They help produce a glimmer of hope for all of us and we would like to thank them for that!
Iraqi Refugee
This man is an Iraqi refugee living in Australia. He had to live off of welfare for a considerable amount of time, but he paid back every dime after he was able to make enough money!

Harris Rosen
A kindhearted man and also a millionaire who lives in Florida, Harris Rosen decided to make a difference in an impoverished neighborhood. By providing free daycare and giving college scholarships to all the kids in the neighborhood, the graduation rate skyrocketed to 100% (from 25% originally) and crime decreased by 50%!

Ichiro Suzuki
When he received the number 51, he wrote Randy Johnson (a former #51) a letter promising not to dishonor the number.

Stockholm, Sweden
In the capital of Sweden, moving violation fees are collected and one lucky “safe driver” will receive it as a lump sum payment. It can be truly rewarding to obey traffic laws in Stockholm.

Billy “Piano Man” Joel
He routinely gives away the front row seats at his concerts to people that were only able to purchase cheaper seats in the back row.

George Zimmer
The owner of Men’s Wearhouse doesn’t believe in background checks before hiring employees.

Hakeem Oujowon
In 1994, he was the NBA’s MVP and decided to create his own shoe line that was sold for just $35 per pair. He didn’t agree with the insane prices charged by Nike for basketball shoes and wanted single moms to be able to purchase his shoes for their kids.

Chuck Feeney
He gave away 99% of his $6.3 billion fortune to send underprivileged children to college. He is a real life hero.

Compassionate Tiger
An Indian male tiger recently took a few orphan cubs under his wing. It’s the first time this behavior has been seen with tigers. While this won’t help restore your faith in humanity, we figured it was still boss and threw it in the mix!

Known for creating the safest cars in the world, Volvo actually invented the three point seat belt system and then allowed other automakers to use their invention free of charge! No wonder soccer moms love Volvos.

Heroic Surgeons
When a plane passenger suffered a collapsed lung, two heroic surgeons doctored the person up successfully using only a tube, a coat hanger, and brandy. Amazing!