David and Sissy Hewitt met at age 12, married about a decade later and were happily married for 38 years. In 2008, tragically took David from Sissy, but recently she was able to save the first memento of their love from 52 years ago.
When the two met at just 12 years old in Charleston, South Carolina, they immediately knew they were meant to be together. To declare his love for Sissy, David inscribed “David + Sissy” in wet concrete near the homes where they lived just two doors down from each other as kids!

The concrete dried and David’s first declaration of love for Sissy has been an important place to visit for them and their family. Unfortunately, the family’s favorite sidewalk was put under construction recently, but the city of Charleston allowed them to cut out the fateful piece.
So they chopped out the block and moved it to Sissy’s home. Look how happy she is to have it so close!

The piece of sidewalk serves as a constant reminder to Sissy about the love she shared with David over the years like a boss.