Over 100 years ago, renowned Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov researched classical conditioning (among other things) and is still famous for what’s called Pavlov’s Dog. Without going into great detail, he found out that dogs drool when they see food but other stimuli can also be used to get a dog to drool. I.e. if you ring a bell every time you feed a dog, it will eventually be conditioned to salivate when the bell rings in absence of food. Pavlov also studied Transmarginal inhibition, which is how someone responds to overwhelming stimuli, i.e. pain from electric shock.

Enter Pavlok’s wristband! We assume the name of it is derived from Ivan Pavlov, because you’re trying to condition yourself to have willpower and Pavlok will send up to 340V of electric current coursing through your body if you’re a bad girl or boy. (And Pavlov was also a fan of electric shocks.)

How it works is that you set a goal and then Pavlok forces you to achieve it with electric shocks. Two simple examples:
1. You want to go to the gym and work out regularly. Great! Pavlok can track your activity, so if you don’t go to the gym when you’re supposed to, it will shock the crap out of you!

2. You want to wake up on time. Do you have a habit of hitting the snooze button a few times and waking up too late to get things done? Not anymore! Pavlok will zap you until you’re out of bed and getting stuff done.

And those are just two examples. Pavlok can help you achieve all sorts of goals by shocking you into oblivion for being lazy. Once you choose a goal, Pavlok’s sophisticated system turns it into manageable steps and forces you to accomplish your goals in this manner.
Pavlok also connects to social media, so your friends can hold you accountable as well. If you manage to reach your goals, you’ll get rewarded with prizes or even straight up cash! However, if you don’t, you dun goof’d and the consequences will never be the same! At your friends’ discretion, all sorts of bad things may happen to you. You might have to pay a fine, lose access to your phone… or even suffer through an electric shock treatment as punishment. You’ve been a bad, bad girl/boy!

Pavlok will form positive habits in your life like a boss, even if you would be too lazy to form them without it.
Source (Pavlok Web Site)