Joshua Ritter needs a wheelchair to get around, after a tumor was removed from his spine recently. He is suffering from something called Von-Hippel Lindau Syndrome, which basically means you have a genetic predisposition to get tumors.
Joshua currently has two cysts on his kidneys and seven brain tumors, but he’s still cheerful, optimistic and completely boss to say the least. Make A Wish granted his wish to meet the cast of his favorite TV show ‘Parks and Recreation’ on NBC.

He got to go to Los Angeles and hit up the set of the show to meet his favorite stars. Below you can see him hanging out with Amy Poehler (who even snapped some selfies with him), Nick Offerman (a.k.a. the legendary Ron Swanson), Adam Scott, Aziz Ansari, and other actors from the show. Needless to say, Ron Swanson gave Joshua Ritter the firmest handshake of a lifetime! Blake Anderson from the show ‘Workaholics’ was also on set and used the opportunity to meet Joshua Ritter!

And did we mention that, even though he’s sick himself, Joshua has actually managed to raise $115k through a direct mail campaign for the St. Louis Children’s Hospital (where he was taken care of)? Well… he did! Through all the difficulties he has already faced in his life, he’s still an extremely giving and unselfish person. Keep being boss, Joshua! We can tell by the pictures that you truly enjoyed your time with the ‘Parks and Rec’ crew!