When you are over 98 years old, most people understand that is about time to give back your License and stop driving around. It could be dangerous for an old lady on the road you might add. But not for this 98 year old woman. She actually felt old the day they demanded her to give her license back and that they took away her freedom.
Once she saw that one of her neighbors in the elderly community homes maybe needed to find another place to live beacuse the bus that used to take them to the store now was gone, this old lady did something unexpected.
First of all she promised her neighbor that she would get her to the store and that she didn’t need to move. Then she went to take the driver license test all over again, and guess what? She passed!
Now the 98 year old woman is back behind the wheel and drives here neighbors to the store when needed. Talk about feeling young and getting your freedom back!