Over at a company called Modscape in Australia, they got together a bunch of architects, engineers and designers to come up with the craziest home I’ve ever seen. It hangs off a cliff!
The five story home is prefabricated and then the modules were put together to create the most magnificent cliff hanger ever. Appropriately called the Cliff House, it was created to give home owners an option for coastal land that’s right up against a cliff.

Instead of being built on the edge of the cliff, the insane people at Modscape took it a step further and placed the home hanging off the side of the cliff like a boss!
At the top level, you can park your car and then take an elevator to the four other floors the home has to offer. As you can imagine, the view that results from your house hanging off a cliff is beyond incredible.

So the only question left is: Would you live in the Cliff House?!