Are you adventurous? Do you know how to climb up the side of a mountain? 8,300ft doesn’t sound like a problem to you? Then you’re qualified to get a FREE stay at this boss mountain-top hut in the Italian Alps. From it, you’ll have an incredible panoramic view of the Julian Alps in Italy.
Mountain climber Luca Vuerich died in an avalanche in 2010, so his family hired designer Giovanni Pesamosca to create this mountain-top hut along the Ceria-Merlone trail to honor his memory. It opened in September of 2012 and is constructed like a chapel to repel snow. The special wood and building materials used for the hut were delivered in 18 helicopter trips. 12 pros constructed the hut at 8,300 feet in a single day!

Remember… IF you can get there, your stay at the hut is FREE! Are you ready for this challenge?!
Side note: There are many other huts in the Alps at lower altitudes where you can sleep after a long day of hiking, if you aren’t a complete boss climber. But you’ll have to pay to stay at those of course!