You won’t believe what’s hiding behind this little 4-year-old boy’s dresser in his bedroom! We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer: It’s a secret room. 
When he was still just three years old (ages ago), his parents decided to do something extra special for the little boy and wanted to turn the storage space attached to his bedroom into a quiet retreat for him.
They managed to finish the project just in time for his 4th birthday and it was the greatest surprise ever! Before the remodel, the storage room looked like… well… a storage room. Crappy with a shitty linoleum floor and insulation hanging out of the walls. 
But now, now it looks amazing and bosslike. The walls were redone with drywall and paint. The floor now looks boss with wood laminate flooring and base molding. There is also a nice light in there now! All of the work was completed while the 4-year-old was at school. Sneaky, sneaky! 
Inside, the 4yo’s parents put a nice table for drawing and doing crafts. There is a cozy rug with a pillow and a blanket in case he just wants to chill… and of course there’s a toy box as well!
The 2 feet by 4 feet door behind the boy’s dresser now leads into this bosslike secret room that’s about 7 feet by 12 feet. Big enough for activities and it also provides a space where he can just get away, relax and collect his thoughts. 
We wish we had a secret room like this young boss!