Because science. That’s why! These 10 scientific facts will completely blow your mind and make you wonder why you never learned them in school. These are so amazingly crazy that your teachers probably had no idea these things were even possible! The Earth’s rotational speed is about 1,000 miles per hour, but your head will be spinning faster than that after reading about all these amazing facts science has to offer.
1. Tequila can be used to make diamonds. Scientists have done it with heated vapor from 80-proof tequila blanco deposited onto a stainless steel substrate.

2. Using mouse skin cells to create stem cells, scientists were able to produce healthy baby mice that were later able to reproduce themselves!

3. Scientists used cloning to bring back an extinct species in 2009. It lived for 7 minutes. BRB Jurassic Park!

4. As I type this, scientists are working on roads that can charge electric cars!

5. Particles that would allow us to live without breathing have already been invented.

6. Back in 1999, scientists recorded what a cat saw with electrodes attached to its brain.

7. In 1971, scientists lit a natural gas cave in Turkmenistan on fire. It’s still burning today and called the Door To Hell!

8. Scientists at Harvard University have been able to reverse the aging process in mice.

9. At Cornell University, they created a functioning nano guitar the size of a human blood cell.

10. Lobsters are immortal. They don’t die of natural causes.

Which one is your favorite crazy scientific fact?! Mine is #8. That would be amazing if they could reverse aging in humans as well.