Plane crashes are extremely rare. In the United States, the odds of being in a plane crash are something ridiculous like 1 in 11 million (while some estimates go as low as 1 in 60 million), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for one! Here are 10 amazing tips to stay alive if you ever end up in an emergency situation on a plane (i.e. a plane crash).
1. Go Big Or Stay Home
The bigger the plane, the better! A huge plane will absorb a bunch more energy from a potential crash, so there won’t be as much energy to toss you around the inside of the plane like a ragdoll.

2. Be Young. Be Thin. Be A Man.
Thin young men tend to be the fastest at evacuating planes, which increases their chance at survival after a plane crash a ton! Heavier older women are the slowest. Sorry, old ladies!

3. Dress For Success
Whenever possible, dress casually in a way that allows you to move quickly. High heels are a terrible idea in a survival situation!

4. Listen To The Safety Instructions
Don’t zone out when the flight attendants are demonstrating and explaining things during the mandatory flight safety talk. Pay attention, so you know where safety equipment is and how to exit the plane as fast as possible.

5. Sit In the Right Place
Five rows or more from an exit is a bad idea.

6. Oxygen Is Essential
If the oxygen masks drop, secure yours immediately. Even a few seconds of oxygen deprivation can be detrimental to being alert and ready to survive a plane crash! 60 seconds and it can already be deadly.

7. Wear Your Seatbelt
Regardless of the seatbelt sign being on, buckle up when you’re sitting down. The sky is an unpredictable place and you don’t want to bash your head into the ceiling due to unexpected turbulence.

8. Assume The Position
The brace position looks ridiculous on the safety cards, but it’s really the safest way to sit during a crash landing.

9. 90 Seconds
That’s how much time you have to escape smoke and flames after a crash landing. Don’t try to take anything with you, just get out of the plane as quickly as possible!

10. Plus 3 / Minus 8 Rule
Pilots know this one, but you should as well. The most dangerous times during a flight are the 3 minutes after takeoff and 8 minutes before landing. Be ready for anything during these times like a boss!

Now you know how to have the best chance at survival in the unlikely event of a plane crash. It’s highly unlikely. For example, driving in a car is way more dangerous than flying! It never hurts to be prepared for anything though. If you do end up in an emergency situation, don’t panic. That’s the most important thing.