Christmas is about giving, and as is said, it is always better to give than recieve, as seen by 14-year-old Savannah Day of Trouitsville, Va.
This summer she was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, a condition which creates overgrowth in the skull and builds up spinal fluid. After hearing she would have to undergoe surgery in Cincinnati during the holidays and Christmas, her two sister and mother started coming up with ways to bring christmas with them.
They created a facebook page “Cheer 4 Savannah” which has nearly 2,500 likes, and got in touch with local cheerleading and little league squads to help collect presents for the patients who would be at the same hospital, Cincinnati childrens hospital medical center, as Savannah on Chrismas.
With 500 patients in the hospital, the girls started collecting in September so that every patient would have a toy. When the family was ready to go to Cincinnati, they had over 4000 toys collected with a tractor-trailer company volunteering to drive the toys for them.
Website has started selling 5$ Cheer 4 Savannah buttons that are sold at local cheerleading competitions with all profits going towards a foundation the family hopes to start called “Cheer 4 Savannah”
If Savannah recovers well after surgery, her mother hopes for her to be back in the competitive cheerleading squads by Spring.