In the Czech Republic, photographer Lukas Holas created some wonderful black & white portraits of exotic animals in a Behance series entitled Portraits of Animals. So far he’s done two parts of the series and we’re hoping for a 3rd, 4th, 5th, and… you get the point! These are boss.
If you enjoy these 15 beautiful animal portraits done in black and white just half as much as I do, you’re in for a jolly good time! I want them all in poster format on my wall! I love #6.
1. Leopard
At least I think this one is a leopard. Some kind of big cat! And it’s fierce!

2. Camel
That hair is fabulous!

3. Giraffe
Eating leaves off of tree tops is serious business.

4. Elephant
The largest land animal on Earth is looking boss.

5. Lions
The king of the jungle and his lady!

6. Tiger
Now we’ve got lions and tigers, but will there be bears too? Oh my!

7. Lynx
At least I think that’s what this one is.

8. Falcon?
It’s a big bird, but it could be anything from an eagle to a falcon, if we’re going to rely on my animal classification skills. The portrait is majestic.

9. Crocodile
Is it a croc? Maybe it’s an alligator. I will let the biologists decide, but the photograph is poster-worthy for sure!

10. Bison
The American bison is the largest land animal in North America and these massive things can swim half a mile! It looks so chill in this portrait, but you don’t want one charging at you.

11. Zebra
Each zebra has a unique set of stripes!

12. Llama
I wonder how many times it spit at the camera, before Holas managed to snap this sweet shot!

13. Bear
I hinted at the fact that there would be a bear. Here is a bear.

14. Owl

15. Ostrich
Is it an ostrich or an emu? You tell me!

Which black & white animal portrait is your favorite? Hard to choose, right?!