I did a similar article to this one approximately a week ago and it was well-received, so here is another one! Check the other one out here, if you’d like.
Our primary goal at Like A Boss is to inspire and motivate people via an online platform that allows us to share uplifting stories of bravery, compassion and kindness. We want to show the good in the world and hope it inspires others to perform random acts of kindness.
Whenever we hear about something like the amazing stories below, our faith in humanity is fully restored on a daily basis. We love to share these stories and hope they shine some extra light into your heart today!
1. A Subway restaurant decided to feed the homeless for free. What a great way to give back to the community!

2. The captain of the Irish rugby team from 2003-2012, Brian O’Driscoll, shows the Six Nations trophy he won with his team in 2011 to a little girl named Michaela Morley awaiting a kidney transplant. Just look at how excited she was! After receiving her transplant, Brian O’Driscoll visited her again.

3. The inventor of waterless bathing donates one sachet to charities for every unit he sells. Very kind!

4. He asked Flash for help, because he knows him!

5. Two young men save a cat that was about to drown in a stream.

6. During a 5K race in Michigan, a boy was separated from his group. A hero Marine decided to finish the race with him!

7. Fair Warning: This one is a tearjerker.

8. Make-A-Wish turned San Francisco into Gotham City, so a young boy who survived cancer could become Batkid, a terrific kid sidekick of Batman himself! Batkid fought crime all day, was recognized for saving the city in the San Francisco Chronicle (called the ‘Gotham City Chronicle’ that day), and received the key to the city from the Mayor of San Francisco.

9. The special wheelchair made it possible for the disabled son to feel the ocean waves!

10. If you can’t afford to pay at Bon Jovi’s restaurant Soul Kitchen, you can volunteer in the kitchen to pay for your meal.

11. Marilyn Manson may look a little weird, but he’s a boss.

12. Good guy Johnny Depp a.k.a. Captain Jack Sparrow brightens the days of sick children in his free time!

13. When Hurricane Sandy flooded Little Ferry, New Jersey, this guy was out there saving his neighbors with his jet ski like a boss!

14. When this little boy had surgery, the surgeons also gave his stuffed animal stitches for a tear in the wolf’s leg at the 9yo boy’s request!

15. Jose Rubio-Pavon, suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, was sworn in as the city’s youngest police officer. He was 12 years old.

I hope these stories have helped restore your faith in humanity. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!