Life hacks are all the rage recently, so we wanted to share some especially for manly men in this masculine compilation of some tricks to make your life as a man easier. That way you have more time to eat steak and drink whiskey, gentlemen. My favorite is #15!
1. Stop bashing your fingers when you’re hammering and also get the nail in straight with this method!

2. Learn how to kick down a door like a firefighter boss!

3. You’re going to do what? Buy candles? No, just steal some kid’s crayons!

4. This is how you roll up your sleeves properly. Now you’re ready to shovel dirt, let women admire your forearms or fight someone in style. Maybe even a bear. Like a man.

5. This is where you need to aim in a urinal. Good luck with your backsplash goals of 2014.

6. Steak doneness 101 is important, because steak.

7. Four ways to tie a tie.

8. Manly tears should be reserved for more worthy occasions, so don’t shed them when you’re cutting onions.

9. Show them who is boss.

10. Jack your wife or girlfriend’s hair straighteners to iron your shirt collars. Try not to burn your neck.

11. Now you can booze it up at the beach without getting caught.

12. This will help you prevent the hassle of extension cords unplugging.

13. You always need to have duct tape and WD-40. They come in handy way too often.

14. Make sure you have some left over to brush your teeth.

15. Tortillas can be turned into crunchy taco shells with an upside down muffin pan!

16. Prevent your shirts from bunching with this method. The full instructions are here.

17. Pool noodles and a board can turn into a floating beer pong table. You can use your duct tape for this.

18. No idea how to open your beer bottle? Use a banana!

Seriously though, if you can’t figure out how to open a beer bottle, you simply aren’t ready for a beer yet. I hope you liked these manly life hacks.