Sometimes you just can’t find the words to apologize to someone and saying sorry probably won’t cut it. Cake might though! Yeah, cake is probably a great idea to make your apology seem more genuine. The 25 people who made the following cakes figured that out.
1. You probably don’t have filtered water, so just wash that cake down with milk.

2. The M&M’s make this seem so sincere.

3. You’ll have to make another cake for the cat I’m pretty sure.

4. I’m almost certain this was cheaper than actually replacing the video game. Brilliant!

5. I seen’t it!

6. What a manly cake though.

7. This is grotesquely funny.

8. If this was given to someone in the hospital, I don’t even…

9. You’re really part of the family now, honey.

10. It must’ve been a pretty bad one.

11. Next time, it will be a softer blow to the nads.

12. If you have to break someone’s heart, at least give them some scrumptious cake to eat the heartache away.

13. Hopefully this cake is frozen so that it can double as an ice pack.

14. The candles represent drinks pounded on a daily basis.

15. Srsly? You couldn’t spell out “sorry”?

16. But it’s not going to stop.

17. Would be a hilarious Dad joke in cake form.

18. You have the beetus, so let’s make it worse with some sweet cake!

19. I think the rule is one cake per apology. Get back to baking!

20. If this worked, cakes really are magical.

21. Makes you wonder if they also cleaned the car’s interior or just hoped the cake would do that.

22. Firing three people with one cake? That is one efficient workplace!

23. Don’t tase me, bro.

24. Not really an apology… more like a request for one. This probably came with the local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting schedule.

25. Oh, the pink smiley and glitter make up for it!

It’s borderline impossible to stay mad while eating cake, so baking and decorating a cake is the absolute best way to deliver an apology!